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Our blog is here to share cleaning ideas, industry secrets, inside looks into a cleaning company, tips, fun stories and more. 

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Tulsa cleaning company: what’s in a name?
Tulsa cleaning company, Blue Jay Cleaning Services has been going strong for 7 years now. But where in the world did the name come from?  Why is Blue Jay named Blue Jay? Tulsa cleaning company, Blue Jay is working on becoming an OKC cleaning, Jenks cleaning, and...
Blue Jay Cleaning Lessons Learn from 2020-2021
Wow. What a couple years was 2020-2021. Looking back at the 24 months, I am in awe of what Blue Jay did as a company. I also realize there were lessons we learned that sharpened us. The sharpening process was PAINFUL but necessary is setting us up for the next chapter...
Tulsa Cleaning Critique– Why is my house still dusty?
You just recently paid for a professional clean.  You’re walking around your home and wipe your hand across a vase.  It’s still dusty! Dusty homes after a clean is a topic with many answers, but we are going to address some potential issues. Tulsa cleaning...
Tulsa Office Cleaning
Does Blue Jay Clean Offices in Tulsa? Why, yes! Blue Jay does commercial office cleaning, but not all offices! I tell you more about it in detail because not every office is a good fit for our company. Currently, I am on a flight on my way back to the sweet soil of...