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Our History

cleaning navarreIn 2016, Blue Jay Cleaning Services was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Prior to launching, founder Britt Greenwood spent 4 years of solo cleaning, yet had no business name.  After deciding it was the right time, Britt made the leap into the world of entreprenuerism and Blue Jay was born.  From inception, with only a handful of clients, Britt believed Blue Jay could be more than just a side-biz.  By not following the status quo of the competition, Blue Jay began to make a name for itself. Putting employees and clients first and honoring the core values of Having Integrity, Working Hard and Loving People, was the catalyst for success. Fast forward 4 years later, the company opened its third location in the Florida panhandle with spouse Matt Greenwood stepping in to help grow the company.  “I take great pride in being a company created from scratch. Anyone with money can buy an exhisting business or business model. We did something that was 100 percent ours,” Britt, “Our industry can be a challenging one. It really comes down to hiring amazing staff and our clients appreciate the care we take in hiring GREAT humans.


Meet our leadership!

Britt Greenwood, General Manager/Owner

Matt Greenwood, Owner

Brook McFarland, Office Manager

Destiny Paniagua, Lead Cleaning  Technician Tulsa

Shelby Calvert, Lead Cleaning Technician OKC

What We Believe

Blue Jay Mission Statement:

Blue Jay Cleaning Services delivers clients peace of mind by providing a consistent and trustworthy service.


We value our clients’ property and each step taken on the job is a step taken in integrity. We are trained to focus on the details and consistently deliver excellence.

Our goals:

Blue Jay Cleaning Services is determined to become the top cleaning service in the Oklahoma.  We aim to break the stereotype surrounding the custodial industry by provide professional, top-quality and trusted service.

Core beliefs:

Have integrity. Work hard. Love people.

The Story Behind The Name:

Blue Jay Cleaning Services is named after the late James LeBlance, a.k.a. “Jay,” of Edmond, OK. Jay was Britt’s older brother who had a passion for business. To celebrate Jay’s legacy of intelligence, work ethic, achievements and business principals, Blue Jay Cleaning was born. The Blue Jay bird is also a loyal, local and fierce bird making it the perfect symbol for our company.