You just recently paid for a professional clean.  You’re walking around your home and wipe your hand across a vase.  It’s still dusty!

Dusty homes after a clean is a topic with many answers, but we are going to address some potential issues.

Tulsa cleaning companies and cleaners may or may not be doing their job correctly. Let’s dive in to see!

How dusty is your home to begin with?

For homes that have an above average accumulation of dust, sometimes we have double dust (dust twice)!

Even then, dust that has floated up into the air will have to settle down.  Thanks gravity! Certain objects that you considered “dusty” may actually have been covered in grime or have moisture issues as well. 

A great example is blinds that haven’t been cleaned in over a year in a home with pets. They will be dusty with a capital D.  Hand wiping each blind with intense pressure and product may be necessary which is beyond normal dust.  Bringing neglected blinds back to beautiful is time consuming.  Your Tulsa cleaner or Tulsa cleaning team may not have properly allocated enough time into their schedule to tackle challenging tasks such as this.

Some cleaning companies will not address blinds during a normal service. This is NOT the case with Blue Jay with our Tulsa cleaning! Blinds are part of every clean with our teams. We are trying to prevent dust accumulation and would rather touch-up blinds every clean vs. an intense deep clean.

The proper dusting tool was not used. 

Swiffer dusters and feather dusters have their place, but certain objects respond better to being wiped with a micro-fiber cloth with added pressure to remove all dust (and sometimes grime).  

Dark furniture.

Black, navy and other dark colors will show every speck of dust. Also, texture can factor into the appearance as well. A glossy surface will show more dust than a rustic, pivoted surface.

Dirty filters. 

Air filters are easy to forget about. Make sure to change them with frequency so they never reach the point of disrupting air flow. You may find dust accumulates more quickly in your current home compared to past. Some homes need filters changed out more frequently. If your home is a new build or there is construction nearby, you will have more dust particles in your home.

Open windows.

Do you like the fresh breeze coming through and open window?  You may unknowingly be bringing in tiny dirt particles from outside the home.  Our homes located in more rural areas also tend to be dustier too: windows open, terrain around the home, pets. The above-mentioned air filter issues could be at play.

Traffic in the home.

How many people and pets are in your home?  Dust is skin cells, pet dander, dirt, etc.  The more living beings, the more dust.  Even the bottom of your shoes can track in dust & debris.  Keep in mind the traffic in your home when considering the quality of the dusting.  

Not a great clean.

We hope this is never the case in Blue Jay Cleaning’s Tulsa Cleaning. But, perhaps your cleaning team just isn’t doing as thorough of a job as you are expecting.  Maybe they are having a bad day or there are training issues that need to be addressed?

Some things to think about are the original state of the home in comparison to how well the cleaner(s) did in their other tasks.  If dust is the only issue, consider the above-mentioned possibilities. If just one item is missed, were the 100s of tasks correctly executed. Cleaners are not perfect and to expecting perfection isn’t realistic. Generally, they are trying their best (at least our team is)!

If the cleaner is lacking in skill, rushing or displaying a bad attitude and conducting a poor clean by choice, the best way to handle this is contact management if it is a Tulsa cleaning company.  Generally, they will send someone to touch up work or spend extra time on that particular task the next clean.

With an individual cleaner/solo cleaner, it will require good communication on your part. Remember to always be kind in addressing problems with your clean. Cleaning is taxing on the body and most cleaners take pride in their work. If the cleaner in unreasonable, it may be time to respectfully replace them.