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Owning a cleaning business in multiple locations has taught me an important lesson I had never considered before: HUMIDITY!

Humidity vs an OKC Cleaning Company / Edmond Cleaning Company

Low to medium humidity levels. Seasonal. Low threat in well maintained, ventilated homes.

Humidity vs a Tulsa Cleaning Company

Low to medium humidity levels. Seasonal. Low threat in well maintained, ventilated homes.

Humidity vs a Destin Cleaning Company

Med to high humidity levels. High levels in late spring, summer, early fall. High threat even in well maintained and ventilated homes.

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General properties with humidity issues:

  • Older properties 
  • Properties that keep windows and doors opens a lot
  • Heavy traffic properties 
  • Tropical locations 
  • Seasonal/weather
  • Properties not utilizing HVAC to operate at their full capacity 

What problems does humidity cause in clean?

The first problem:  properties are harder to clean 

When moisture is in the air, it’s also on all surfaces. Guess what loves moisture? Dust, dander and other small particles!

Let’s get a little scientific:

Water molecules stick to dust particles because they are very small, and the forces generated between two molecules are much greater than the force of gravity that attempts pulls one molecule away from another.

This means dry dusting alone will not get surfaces clean.

2. The second problem: mold, mildew

Mold and mildew are a dual threat. Not only can they damage surfaces over time, but they can have serious effects on the health of those who dwell or spend time in the space. Replacement and costly remediation may be necessary in some cases.

3. The third problem: the quicker a property will show age, wear

Humidity in tropical and subtropical climates particularly, can quickly turn materials from shiny new to rusty and dingy.   Rusting metals:  All hardware like faucets, handles, drains, towel rods, metal shower frames, metal trash cans, curtain rods, stainless appliances like fridges, dishwasher, microwaves.

Other issues like clouding between glass door and window panels can occur which is a costly fix or replacement is needed.

Exterior home cleaning is necessary the more humid environments are. This includes power washing, roof cleaning and window washing.

 These problems lead to issues for us including:

  1. Unable to meet client expectations 
  2. Excess cleaning time, lost profitability 
  3. Upset STR guests who think the unit “feels dirty.”

How do we handle excessive humid 

  1. Communication with client
  2. Running a.c.
  3. Helping maintain, empty dehumidifiers
  4. Keeping doors, windows closed