Does Blue Jay Clean Offices in Tulsa?

Why, yes! Blue Jay does commercial office cleaning, but not all offices!

I tell you more about it in detail because not every office is a good fit for our company.

Currently, I am on a flight on my way back to the sweet soil of Tulsa. The moment after landing, there is just something calming about being in the heartland.  I cannot wait to experience it—45 minutes to go!

Lately,  I’ve had a lot of inquiries on office cleaning in Tulsa (metro).  I am taking time today to address those questions.

First.  I have to note, we love cleaning offices. But,  Blue Jay has a specific type of office we clean. 

Our requirements:

  • We try our best to stay under 5000 square feet. (Some exceptions apply)
  • Weekend cleaning OR
  • Cleaning during normal business hours

Many offices have specific requirements that do not allow or work well with afterhours cleaning.  Those offices are a perfect fit Blue Jay.  We will come in the office, in uniform and work among your team with the upmost respect to their working space if they are present, on the phone, in a meeting, etc. We understand your staff has work to do!

We meet the needs of the small office who doesn’t need the full-scale janitorial service but requires periodic cleaning (every week or two).  The companies we are cleaning for generally house 3-15 staff members. 

Our business clients also provide their own paper products, soaps, etc.  

tulsa office cleaning

What’s sets us apart from the janitorial services are the attention to detail. Because our staff is trained in residential, which requires a more thorough touch, it translates to an office setting beautifully.  Our clients are almost always pleased with the quality and ease of service. In return, they stay loyal to Blue Jay for years.  

Many employees and owners of our business clients turn into residential clients or vise-versa.  Blue Jay loves being a part of their home and office. 

Personally, my favorite thing is to see our clients grow their businesses and find success in their ventures.  It literally brings me so much joy! 

If you are search of small office, commercial cleaning, book an estimate on our home page!

Flight is getting ready to land. I’m almost to T-town and need a QT snack pronto!

-Britt, Blue Jay founder and CEO