Tulsa cleaning company, Blue Jay Cleaning Services has been going strong for 7 years now. But where in the world did the name come from? 

Why is Blue Jay named Blue Jay? Tulsa cleaning company, Blue Jay is working on becoming an OKC cleaning, Jenks cleaning, and Destin cleaning, Choctaw cleaning staple (just to name a few).  World domination, right? The more we grow, the more I love to share to story of our name because it has so much meaning.

Who is Jay LeBlanc?

The story behind the name Blue Jay Cleaning Services is one I love to share.  When I (Britt Greenwood) was 18, my brother Jay (James LeBlanc) passed away.  Sadly, he was only 29. 

Jay was a hard worker. Valedictorian of Edmond Memorial High School, in Edmond, OK. He worked multiple jobs at a time to get him through both high school and college.  He attended Loyola University in New Orleans and got his MBA at Bond University in Australia.  He wasn’t afraid to leave the nest and achieve academic success.  Simultaneously, he wasn’t afraid of hard work either; Jay always did what he had to do to get the job done. Unfortunately, as he was in the beginning stages of building a career in business, his life was cut short. 

Tulsa cleaning company
Jay LeBlanc holding his little sister and founder of Blue Jay Cleaning, Britt Greenwood

How did Jay influence the name of Tulsa cleaning company, Blue Jay Cleaning Services?

In 2016, when I was considering opening a cleaning company, I contrived all sorts of names. Many were too cliche and niche driven.  There was something about choosing a name that allowed growth, diversification and expansion potential that intrigued me. I’ve always been a dreamer and a little voice inside me said, this is going to be big.  At that point, a Tulsa cleaning service or even Jenks cleaning service was just about as big of an idea I could muster. 

The notion to honor my brother Jay crossed my mind.  It really wasn’t a notion, more of an understood desire.  Accordingly, the word and vision of a Blue Jay swept across my imagination (pun totally intended). 

Tulsa cleaning service
Jay LeBlanc pushing Blue Jay Cleaning’s owner, Britt Greenwood and their other brother, Brock in a dolly.

Making the decision:

As I contemplated Blue Jay as a business name, one quality that I liked was the color blue. Afterall, blue is the color of trust.  Additionally, blue didn’t niche the business into the typical pinks that maid services utilize in their branding.  Furthermore, I began looking into the qualities of the Blue Jay bird: loyal, fierce and strikingly beautiful.  Having a more creative background, I knew we could create a strong logo with the Blue Jay.  

The decision was made, for the above reasons, the business would be called Blue Jay Cleaning Services.  

The outcome:

Our FIRST EVER social media post from 2016. We didn’t even have our logo yet!

It is wild to see how far we have come as a company in 7 years but even more wild to admit this is just the beginning.  I even made a timeline for some of our major milestones.  (One day, I’ll post a timeline of my major failures like the time I didn’t get paid for months or the multiple times I broke down in tears in front of clients).  We did make a post about the years 2020-2021 and how much they changed and taught our company. Check it out here!

Blue Jay‘s Timeline: 

Tulsa cleaning company launch (residential): August 2016

Tulsa commercial office cleaning: 2017

Tulsa post construction cleaning: 2018

Oklahoma City commercial cleaning: 2018

Edmond house cleaning: 2018

Oklahoma City house cleaning: 2018

Destin Airbnb cleaning: 2020

Destin residential cleaning: 2020

Choctaw house cleaning: 2022