What does it look like cleaning homes in Edmond, Oklahoma? In this post, you will see a day in the life of a Blue Jay cleaning technician as they perform their role within your local Edmond Cleaning Company.

Blue Jay Cleaning loves being a trusted Edmond cleaning company.  We are so excited to be adding new clients to our schedule every single week.  Although we have been servicing the area for 4 years, we have just now begun to seriously grow the Edmond market. 

Why Cleaning in Edmond? 

Edmond is a city that is all about family.  Serving and cleaning Edmond households provides such joy to our team because we are serving hardworking families. 

Whether they call Edmond home or are arriving through Broadway Extension, I-35 or Hwy 74, our team knows they are coming to homes that are appreciative of the service they perform. 

What our Edmond cleaning company really does: 

From the moment we interview our cleaning techs, we discuss what our real jobs are.  Here is what I tell every single staff member:

Physically, we clean, but that’s not what we do.  We give people that ‘ahhhh’ feeling.  We provide peace of mind. We give busy working parents their weekends back. We give dignity back to the older population who cannot physically keep up with their homes. We give small business owners time to focus on growing their business, not vacuuming floors.   

It is critical that our employees have a firm understanding in regard to their role in the economy.  Service and support personnel are highly valued and appreciated, especially by our Edmond cleaning clients.  

Edmond Cleaning company

The actual Edmond cleaning day


The cleaning tech begins their day by making sure they are prepared with clean microfiber cloths, mop heads, equipment and supplies. Then, once their vehicle is prepared with the day’s necessities, the tech sends an alert to the home owner stating: “On my way.”  This is a helpful notification for our clients to be prepared for their cleaner. 

Generally, even if the tech lives in town, there is at least a 15-20 minute drive to get to where they need to go.  Some techs drive up to 45 minutes from outside of Edmond. The expansive OKC metro is a challenge for sure. 

Arriving at the first home, which is probably primarily brick with neighbor kids riding a bike past (it doesn’t get more Americana than that!), our cleaning tech clicks “Start Clean” on their customer relations software App.  

Blue Jay Cleaning adores our app,  Housecall Pro, which allows us to notify clients, invoice, schedule and more. It makes the process more convenient for our clients streamlining the cleaning process. Their favorite part is the online payments. 

Once inside, the tech will lock the door behind them and get right to work.  

The Cleaning:

Cleaning a home in Edmond generally takes anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on the size of home.  Even the largest of homes we service (10,000 square feet) can be completed  in 6-7 hours with weekly appointments and rotational cleaning. Our techs are generally solo so that they can take 100% ownership of any Edmond cleaning  job they complete.  Home owners love having a primary cleaner too.  Cleaning is all about trust!  The techs prefer to be solo because they get to know the client better, the home better and know exactly what needs to be addressed at each clean. 

Wrapping up at a clean, the tech does a spot check, makes sure the home is properly secured and loads up their vehicle. Then, they will click “Finish” on their app and send a notification to the homeowner that the job is complete.  The cleaner now has the opportunity to recharge and refuel with lunch and moves on to their afternoon destination following the same notification protocol.  

While on the jobsite, techs love being able to listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts while cleaning– a whistle while they work experience. It is one of the perks of a laborious, solo job. Some cleaners much prefer to rock out to high energy music to keep them moving fast while others are diving into a personal development podcast.  All-in-all, it makes the job much more enjoyable for the cleaning technician. 

Wrapping up:

The job of an Edmond cleaner is simple but not easy! Cleaning is labor intensive, relies heavily on proper communication and sometimes a lot of driving. At the end of the day, both literally and figuratively, we find cleaning in the Edmond community highly rewarding.  If you are concerned about the cost of services, check out this article here.

How to hire your Edmond maid service: 

Hiring us is super easy!  Just visit our site and fill out the inquiry form.  A member of management will be in touch within 24 business hours.  We do free in-person estimates for recurring cleanings.   

Just click the link below to fill out a form! Easy peasy.