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What are Blue Jay Cleaning Services Core Values and Why do They Matter?

Have Integrity. Work Hard. Love People.  

Blue Jay Cleaning didn’t always have a basis for “core values.”

It wasn’t until I, (Britt Greenwood), really began diving into what made companies great.  I spend hundreds if not thousands hours teaching myself about business, reading leadership and development books, following case-studies of other businesses.  Over and over I kept seeing the term, “core values.”  

I had to Google “core values.” (There is no handbook to being an entrepreneur). 

When choosing the core values for Blue Jay, I had about a dozen characteristics I thought would drive our company forward.  The next thing I read on the Googles was not to choose too many.  Oops.  It was time to re-think what values were most important. It took a few days in deep contemplation.  I ended up choosing three.

Have Integrity.

Work Hard.

Love People.

Without integrity we have nothing.  Integrity is trust and our company cannot survive without it.  

Work ethic is also the basis of delivering an excellent product in the services industry. 

Loving our staff, customers and community is core to why we have a company in the first place.

Having core values in place creates a platform for who we hire, what clients we take on, and future business decisions. This foundation has allowed us to grow and retain amazing clients.  Granted,  we are not perfect.  That’s not what core values are about.  It’s about a set of characteristics that will drive us forward and make us strive to be better. When I’m facing a challenging issue, I always think to our values: Will this decision be of integrity? Am I doing all I can do and working hard enough to solve the problem?  Is this decision coming from a place of love and not frustration or anger?  

Everytime I don’t step in line with our core values, I end up feeling some sort of pain or disappointment.  Example, in the early Blue Jay days, I would make desperate hiring decisions in order to fulfill cleaning demands.  Every time I did this,  the employee ended up quitting or disappearing even!  Once we implemented our core values, I began interviewing almost solely on core value questions:

“What does integrity mean to you,”. “Who is an example of the hardest worker you know and why are they that way?” Etc. 

These questions delivered a look into who the potential employees were, not general interview answers.  We now have employees who have been with the company for years, and they deliver consistent and trustworthy service and are adored by clients.  

Here is to always being true to our core values of Having Integrity, Working Hard and Loving People.