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Why Choose Us

Fully Insured

We have full liability insurance.  If anything catastrophic happens, we have you covered.

Background Checks

All of our employees are vetted, trusted, and go through extensive background checks.  Your peace of mind along with a clean home is our top priority.  We want you to feel that your belongings are safe. 

Hundreds of Satisfied clients

We have cleaned hundred’s of homes, offices, and commercial buildings over the years.  We are the cleaning experts!

Commercial Cleaning Services

We clean homes and also offer commercial cleaning services.  If you need janitorial services, click to learn more about our services.

Residential Cleaning Services

We clean homes and also offer commercial cleaning services.  If you need janitorial services, click to learn more about our services.

About Us

Blue Jay Cleaning Services recognized that choosing a cleaning service can be a difficult decision. We want to help makes the process as easy as possible for you.  We offer cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.  We love helping our client by cleaning their homes.  Under our services section, you can find what type of service you may need. Most re-occuring services need a brief walk through before an estimate can be provided. We do provide hourly rate cleaning upon request.

Joy In The Cause


Blue Jay cleaning is proud to volunteer with Joy in the Cause. We provide two free cleanings a month to families with children who have cancer or other life altering illnesses. We LOVE serving these families and sharing the mission of Joy in the Cause.


Won a raffle from the school and they came out today and did a FANTASTIC job! Will definitely use them in the future


This is the most thorough cleaning my house has ever had. They did an amazing job and i couldn’t be happier.


They always do an awesome job! Trustworthy and timely.
Highly recommend!!


Love coming home to a clean house! They pay great attention to detail! Britt and her team are amazing!


Do you need your home cleaned in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City areas?

A unclean home is no fun for anyone.  It leaves a horrible impression for your guest, you can’t host parties, and it saps your inspiration and even be a source of stress and anxiety.

In most families, both parents are the breadwinners, and cleaning a home is a energy draining task that no one wants a part of.  Especially, after you come home from work sapped of energy and come to a dirty home.   You need a professional home cleaning service in the Tulsa area to do your cleaning for you.

That is where Blue Jay Cleaning comes in.   We make your home feel sparkling new and clean with our team of professional home cleaners.

Our Different Cleaning Services.

  • Standard Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Moving In/out Cleaning

Why You Should Consider Our Tulsa Cleaning Company!

Experts with a Passion for Cleanliness — it can be a little unsettling to allow a complete stranger to enter your home and begin a cleaning overhaul. But your mind will be set at ease by our 100% professional cleaning technicians with a passion and responsibility. Cleaning is what we do best, but rest assured that satisfied customers are our business and our top priority.

Expert Training — as a reputable house cleaning service, Blue Jay Cleaning Services  relies on a highly-qualified and well-trained task force of professional cleaners. Wine and chocolate cake on the carpets? Not a problem! Dishes stacked to the ceiling? It’s what we do! For any of those tasks that leave you slack-jawed and horrified wondering if you will ever finish, call us up and get the professional response.

Background Checks — All of our employees have gone through a rigorous background check to ensure your home and belongings stay safe.  You can rest easy knowing that we do our due diligence when hiring.  We hire only the best!

Sanitation and Hygiene — things can look clean and smell clean, but only a trained and professional cleaning will ensure that all harmful pathogens, allergens and pollutants have been effectively removed from your home. This ensures a healthier environment for those living there.

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