Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes! We have full liability insurance. Within our policy, we have equivalent coverage of “bonding” insurance too.

Q. Are you a franchise? 

A. No. We pride ourselves in being a local, small business with services in multiple regions. (Not to say we will never be the parent company of a Blue Jay Franchise!) Due to lower overhead in areas such as advertising, multiple office locations and not having to pay franchise fees, we are able to compensate our employees at much higher rate. We find extreme value in a good employee and know that if they are appreciated, they will enjoy their job more. A happy cleaner makes a better cleaner! Surely you want someone that is enthusiastic about cleaning your home and not dreading it, right?

Q. What should I do to prepare for a housecleaning?

A. The most helpful thing you can do is put everything in its proper place and reduce clutter. Please have a dish free sink as well. If we spend all of our time picking up, we can not efficiently get the cleaning job done up to the Blue Jay standard. If clutter is an issue you want help with, we can absolutely assist in organizing any mess for an add-on fee.

Q.  Will the same person be cleaning my house?

A. Due to life circumstances (things happen), a particular cleaner can not be guaranteed but we will try our best to provide the same cleaning specialists every time.

Q. What should I do with my pet when you clean?

A. Please have pets secure. We are confident you have a sweet pet, but we want to keep our employees safe and unthreatened since not everyone loves pets. Also, pets can attempt to sneak out of the home when employees are entering or leaving your home.

Q. Do I need to be home when you clean?

A. Not at all. Most of our clients are not home while we clean which can help with efficiency. Please don’t feel you have to leave if you don’t want to either. Our staff is quite personable, we promise!

Q. Do I provide the cleaning products?

A. We provide the products. If you have a preference of cleaning products for us to use, please have all products in a tote ready for us to use upon arrival.

Q. Do you do organic cleaning?

A. We are currently not a “green cleaning” company. We have made efforts to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals used in normal cleaning for the safety of your family and our employees. If you want organic cleaning, we are happy to do it with provided supplies.

Q. What if I need to cancel or change the schedule?

A. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. It can be difficult to shift schedules on a short notice. There will be a 50% charge for any scheduled cleaning where our employees cannot access the home or office.

Q. How will the cleaning specialist get in if I am not home?

A. There are several approaches to this and for your security, we choose not to post our standard method. We can communicate privately our method of entry when a homeowner isn’t home.

Q. Why is there a minimum cleaning charge? 

A. Due to a variety of factors including logistics, scheduling and efficiency, it is not cost-effective for cleaning services to only clean a small area of a home. We are a business and businesses need to make a profit in order to operate. We are happy to recommend another service who can help with smaller jobs.

Q. Why is there a time frame and not exact time you arrive?

A. Many times our cleaners are coming from another job that may take longer than expected.

Q. What if my cleaner didn’t do a good job or missed some items?

A. If you unhappy with a cleaning, please notify the office within 24 hours. We will send someone over to correct the missed areas. We all have bad days and things can get overlooked or forgotten. We need the notification within 24 hours because a home can get messy quickly, and we want to address the specific problem and not go over areas cleaned properly