Customized Options For Your Cleaning Needs


Customization means your household, office, and clients property needs are unique—just like you!

That being stated, most jobs will require an onsite visit for an accurate estimate. 


Things to know and factors that may influence pricing

    •  A $80 minimum is required for cleaning
    • Most residential clients schedule weekly or every-other-week cleanings
    • Once-a-month cleaning costs more due to extra time involved
    • Quarterly cleanings will be charged at a deep cleaning rate
    • Weekly cleanings are assigned a discounted rate
    • If the state of the home is consistently requiring more time to clean due to factors such as pet hair, high traffic, clutter or other messes outside of the standard clean, Blue Jay reserves the right to add an up-charge.
    • Lock out fee: if you are scheduled for a cleaning and our staff can not get inside your home, you will be charged a 50% of your normal cleaning fee.  When we can not access a jobsite,  it causes havoc on our schedule and affects our employees pay.


First time cleans run double the standard clean rate. This is because Blue Jay starts all clients out with a deep clean.  It takes twice the amount of normal cleaning time to get a house to Blue Jay standards in a deep clean and allows our employees to properly maintain your home with following cleanings. Exceptions can be made upon inspection during the first cleaning.

See deep cleaning vs. standard clean here

Other Add-on services:

  • Organizing (we have partnered with professional organizers for larger organizing jobs)
  • Oven cleaning; pantry and refrigerator organizing and cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Dish washing
  • Special requests