Broken Arrow Cleaning Service

Recurring Residential

We offer weekly and bi-weekly (every other week) cleaning for Edmond house cleaning

Airbnb Cleaning

We service self-managed Airbnbs

Deep Cleans

Moving or does you home need a little extra love than you can give it? We offer move-out/move-in cleans and one-time deep cleans.

Meet the owners!

We are Blue Jay Cleaning Broken Arrow.

Our company is locally owned with several locations.  Blue Jay is not a franchise.  We were founded in 2016 with a dream to have a company who would change the perception of the cleaning industry. We believe in doing business a little differently than most cleaning services.  Our staff doesn’t just clean, they deliver peace of mind.

We believe our core values set us apart: Having Integrity, Working Hard and Loving People.

tulsa cleaningFully insured


tulsa cleaning100s of Satisfied clients


tulsa cleaningVetted staff


Community Matters 

Blue Jay cares about the communities it serves. We began our philanthropic efforts through Joy in the Cause.  This organization allows us provide free cleanings to those facing life altering illness such as cancer.  Our company is dedicated to adding partner charities as we grow.  Of course, we love donating to school causes and local fundraising efforts throughout the community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean linens?

We clean linens for our vacation rental properties. We can clean some linens for our recurring housecleaning clients, but cannot do full-service laundry care. We are happy to drop off and pick up laundry from a laundry mat for our housecleaning clients! 

Do you have a checklist?

We have a general checklist for residential recurring, deep cleans and office cleans. For our vacation rentals, we have a general checklist but must customize each list to each property due to the unique features a rental may offer. 

How much does it cost? 

It is increadibly difficult to quote a recurring clean without seeing the property. Every home is different as well as living behaviors of the occupants. We can quote one-time cleans over the phone with a disclaimer that it may cost more or less that the original estimate. 


Do I have to be home? 

No. Most homeowners are not present for their cleans.  We don’t mind if you are!

How many cleaners will be at my property?

For our recurring residential homes, it will typically be one tech and the same tech servicing your home. For vacation rentals and office, it depends on the scope of the job.

What does the process look like? 

We want to help makes the process as easy as possible for you. Feel free to email, call or book an estimate on line. Most recurring jobs require a brief walk through of the property. After reviewing the scope of work, we will email an estimate that can be approved or denied. If approved, we will contact you to confirm the dates of service. On the day of your first service, you will be texted when the cleaning tech is on their way and see a picture and name of who to expect.  Once completed, you will be notified when the clean is done and the tech has left. Payment is paid via check, online payment or we can securely keep a card on file